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Increase your engineering productivity

Take your team to the next level. Be prepared for growth, both technically and organizationally.


Put engineering in autopilot

An autopilot is a system used to control the trajectory of a vehicle without constant 'hands-on' control by a human operator being required. Autopilots do not replace a human operator, but assist them in controlling the vehicle, allowing them to focus on broader aspects of operation, such as monitoring the trajectory, weather and systems.

Federal Aviation Administration in Automated Flight Controls

Hi! I am Albert Lombarte and I've been both coding and leading software engineering teams for the past 18 years (started 1999) in Internet companies with hundreds of engineers and small start-ups. My coding background is related to backend, architecture and operations (sysadmin) and I've been leading large developments for web, mobile, desktop, SaaS and infrastructure in several sectors.

With a strong network of contacts, collaborator engineers and providers I offer advice, hands-on and direction for your product and engineering teams. Be as interim CTO, team lead, advisor, consultant, developer or sysadmin me and my team can help you.

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When it comes to Software Engineering, from a technical or organisational perspective I definitely can help. Every organisation is different and we know how to balance the technical talibans with the product cookie monsters.

360˚ Engineering Health

Check for health of engineering teams and processes including interaction with product management to raise areas of improvement in a myriad of topics such as team organisation, methodologies, development workflow, business continuity, high availability, scalability, performance, product roadmap vs resources...

Site performance and scalability

We will help you prepare for true growth and offer good response times. Make your site faster, safer, more scalable and predictable.


Pick the right design for your needs, without overengineering, but ready to hold your current load and for what will come in the future. Goodbye to monoliths and spaghetti code.

Technical Interviews

Help during the recruitment process to validate candidates. We will choose the candidate that gives most value to you and will ensure that the technical level is what you need and the one who fits your engineering culture.

Faster Time to Market

If your development workflow, processes or team organisation are getting in the middle of the product release, we will help you unblock your bottlenecks


Of all colours and shapes. Whether be moving to the cloud, transitioning to a new architecture, change the coding language, users and services living between two systems?

Software development

Hands-on in development of web sites, internal tools, databases, APIs, microservices, testing, architecture.

Systems administration

Be cloud or metal hardware, administration of services, architecture, automation, provisioning and tuning for better throughput.

Agile and team leadership

Introduction of Scrum or Kanban methodologies in the teams, design of the product backlog and product roadmap, make product and engineers work together, solve conflicts of tight deadlines vs technical debt...

Coach, trainer and avisor

Like your personal trainer when you go out running, but with software engineering. For profiles (C-level, directors, VPs) that shine in their work but aren't so strong at technical level. Training for developers on best practices, methodologies, performance, architecture.

Due diligences

Have a technical, organisational and product SWOT analysis before you invest in any company. Nobody wants to buy a shiny product underpinned by rotten foundations.

Interim CTO or Team Lead

We know how hard is to find certain positions. We can help you do that while we keep the progress of your business by acting as such.


Some companies I helped:

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